Are you intimidated by the IRS 990-N tax form for non-profit organizations? The 990-N Form, or e-Postcard, was designed for beginning and small nonprofit organizations. It keeps things simple for you. If you’re considering starting a nonprofit but are intimidated by the tax implications, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help.

Want to organize an after-school program to help children from families in poverty? Thinking about honoring a loved one by starting a foundation in their name? Or perhaps you would like to collect sports equipment and uniforms to send overseas to young, growing sports clubs and schools. For any of these options, your staff and scope will start small. Most likely your donations will start small, too. 

You won’t need a certified financial planner or a specialist in the nonprofit world to start your charity. With the right tools, you can learn as you go. In fact, as long as your receipts are under $50,000, you will only file the IRS 990-N Form for your annual tax filing, which is the most simple tax form available for nonprofits.

Don’t let the fear of nonprofit taxes hold you back from following your dreams to help others.

For any nonprofit, once you obtain your 501(c)3 status you won’t pay any taxes at all on the donations or gifts-in-kind that you receive to fund your projects. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to file taxes. 

You do.

That’s why File990 is here–to provide helpful software so that you can achieve your dreams for your nonprofit. And as you grow, we’ll be right with you, every step of the way. 

File990 is an authorized e-file provider. This means that by partnering with us, your tax preparation is guaranteed to be the safest, easiest, and fastest way to file. In fact, filing the 990-N Form takes only a few minutes when you file with File990.

What Else Do You Need to Know About the 990-N?


What else do you need to know about the 990-N form?

Tax software makes your life easier. 

The 990-N was designed specifically for organizations like yours–small enough to do good in the world, and small enough to keep your tax filing simple and hassle free. The 990-N is the only IRS tax form that’s only available online. You must first register for the site, know your EIN, and fill out your receipts. File990 can take it from there, assuring that your forms are easy, fast, and protected.

By using File990 tax software, however, the benefits continue beyond actually filing. 

  • File990 uses bank-level security to protect your information. 
  • We’ll save your fiscal period and will remind you when it’s time to file next year’s forms.
  • With File990, you can file in minutes instead of hours. We do the heavy lifting for you.
  • As you grow, we can also file for multiple chapters of your organization. 
  • You’re never in danger of losing your exempt status because we’ll keep you on target. 
  • We’ll track everything for you, so that you can easily view multiple years and chapters.

Are there any exceptions to who can use the 990-N Form? 

Of course. There are exceptions for everything. Even though the 990-N is the easiest form for small nonprofits, there are exclusions. Organizations not included in 990-N filing include:

  • organizations included in a group return
  • churches, their auxiliaries, conventions, or associations
  • organizations required to file a different form such as:
    • Private Foundations
    • 509(a)3 supporting organizations
    • Section 527 political organizations
    • other ineligible organizations, included here.

What’s the due date for the 990-N Form?

There is no single due date for the 990-N. It depends on your organization and when you decide to end your fiscal year. The 990-N Form is due by the 15th day of the 5th month, so if you choose the end your fiscal year with the calendar year, then your nonprofit tax form is due May 15th.

What do I need to report in my 990-N Form?

Even though it’s a simple form, you need to have your ducks in a row. Here are the required items of information you’ll need to have on hand:

  • your organization’s legal name
  • any other names your organization uses
  • the organization’s website, if you have one
  • your mailing address
  • your employer identification number (EIN)
  • the name and address of the principal officer 
  • your organization’s annual tax year
  • answers to the following questions:
    • Are your receipts still below $50,000?
    • Has your organization terminated or gone out of business?

Starting a nonprofit can be intimidating in other ways, but don’t allow the fear of tax preparation hold you back. With the right resources, software, and partners, you can grow your small nonprofit into a force for good, without the fear of paperwork holding you back. 

For more information on File990 and our resources for nonprofits, take a look at other topics in our blog. To contact us today about help with your tax filing, email us at info@file990.org