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How to Form a 501(C)(3) in 3 Easy Steps

501(c)(3) nonprofits do the world a great service. These organizations fall into three categories: public charities, private foundations, and private operating foundations.   In spite of the economic drivers of for-profit businesses, nonprofits work without the desire...

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FAQ: Do I Need to File the IRS Form 990-EZ?

Well, that depends. Are you a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that’s looking to achieve tax-exempt status? If so, then yes, you have to file the IRS Form 990-EZ, if... Your organization has less than $200,000 in gross receipts OR less than $500,00 in assets. The IRS Form 990 is...

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Is My 501c3 Automatically Tax-Exempt?

Here’s the short answer… No. When you established your 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all you did was create an organization separate from a traditional business that has certain rights and limitations. In terms of limitations, 501(c)(3)s are restricted by their inability to...

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Filing Your 990: A Nightmare or a Dream Come True

Filing the IRS form 990 can present a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, it can be a nightmare. You’ve got strict deadlines, requests for thorough, supplemental documents, fees, penalties and that’s all assuming you can navigate the near-impenetrable bureaucracy of...

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