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When Do Nonprofits Need To File Their 990 Forms?

There are many misconceptions about what kind of nonprofit organization has to file Form 990 and what deadline they have to meet. Nonprofits that are not recognized by the IRS are not required to file any sort of annual information return. Tax-exempt nonprofit...

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How To File A 990-N Online

At File 990, we’ve developed a unique platform that allows nonprofits to file their 990 forms online, and easily manage their taxes. This provides nonprofits with ease of mind from losing their exemption status, which allows them to focus on their cause and have an...

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Do Non-profits have to do Taxes?

While nonprofit organizations are tax exempt they are still required to file with the IRS to show the public how they operate. Some nonprofits are required to file form 990, 990N or 99EZ depending on certain qualifications. These forms collect information about the...

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