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Never Miss Another 990-EZ Deadline

Oh no, your 990-EZ deadline is fast approaching! Thankfully, deadlines are nothing new for you if you’re a nonprofit financial officer. Meeting the demands of your overflowing calendar has become second nature to you. And, as it turns out, meeting deadlines has a...

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What is the IRS Form 990-N and What Does It Mean for Me?

Are you intimidated by the IRS 990-N tax form for non-profit organizations? The 990-N Form, or e-Postcard, was designed for beginning and small nonprofit organizations. It keeps things simple for you. If you’re considering starting a nonprofit but are intimidated by...

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It Takes 5 Minutes to Finish the IRS 990 Form.

Here’s What Else You Can Do in that Time… It turns out a lot, actually. When your nonprofit organization takes advantage of an IRS-authorized tax e-filer like File990, an unexpected problem is created… You end up with a lot of free time on your...

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Nonprofit Tax Resources for the Resourceful

Finding tax resources for your nonprofit may not be as simple as you thought. Laws change, state guidelines shift, and new information is always being added by both nonprofits and for-profit companies to help you best grow your organization. How do you know where to...

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Form 990 EZ: How Easy Is It?

In 2018, the Internal Revenue Service published its most recent instructions guide for the 990 EZ form. It's 47 pages long. That doesn't feel very easy.  Yet in most circumstances, the Form 990 EZ is easy, especially if you have the right tools in your toolbox....

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What is the IRS Form 990?

Ah, the IRS form 990. It keeps some financial officers in the nonprofit industry up at night. Others sleep like a baby. What’s the difference? Why does this big, bad tax document worry some and not others? It’s all in how prepared you are for your annual tax filing. ...

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