7 Nonprofit Email Marketing Essentials

At File 990, we understand the importance of keeping track of your nonprofit email marketing campaigns and making nonprofit life easier. As there are a multitude of nonprofit email marketing metrics to keep track of, it can be easy to miss a few measurements every once in a while. To help your charity email marketing campaigns reach a wider audience, our team at File 990 has put together a list of 7 different types of email marketing best practices you should be utilizing on a regular basis!

Make Your Sign-Up Form Easy To Find

It should be easier than ever to sign up for your nonprofit’s email list! Supporters of your nonprofit are looking for your email list signup form—especially as nonprofit email lists grow 10% every year. So above all, make your signup form easy to find! There are definitely hotspots in which to place your signup form: your website’s footer, pages with the most traffic, an “About Us” page, Facebook, Twitter, and plenty others.

Use A Clear Email Template

Email design can say a lot about an organization’s brand. Design, imagery, and style can communicate specific feelings, thoughts, and values. An email with a sleek, uncluttered layout will showcase your nonprofit’s news in a reader-friendly way. Most email service providers offer a variety of professional templates that take care of this for you!

Your Emails Should Be Visually Scannable

Living in a world with constant connectivity and visual stimulation, you have a relatively small window of opportunity to make an impact on a viewer with your nonprofit email marketing campaign! As people are bombarded with hundreds of emails a day, it’s rare that someone will take the time to read through an entire message, especially marketing messages. If you’re lucky enough to get a viewer to click through your subject line, it should be marked clearly for them what their next action should be. Concise and clear headlines, captivating call-to-action buttons, bullet-pointed lists, and links will all help increase the emails scannability.

Having A Primary CTA

When establishing your primary call-to-action, it’s important to consider exactly what you want your viewer to do with the email you have sent them! With only a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, it’s critically important to make your primary CTA fast and effective. Make sure to let your viewer know exactly what they should be doing right after they’ve opened the message!

Send Emails On A Regular Schedule

How many emails you should send out to your subscribers will vary from organization to organization, but don’t get caught only sending out message when something big is happening! A common mistake amongst nonprofits is only sending out emails when they have something specific to say, or in the midst of a huge fundraiser. It’s important to make your subscribers are a part of your nonprofit family, and to include them at all times…even when nothing in particular is going on. Try scheduling out your campaign emails each quarter, sparking conversation starters on your social media platforms, or creating buzz about what’s going on in the news.

Using Alt-Text For All Images

It’s essential that you utilize alt text with all of your images! It’s still true that many email clients still require the recipient of an email to enable images in order to view them. The alt text is what shows in place of the image before the user downloads it, and you can use this space to describe what’s happening in the picture, or you can use it to reinforce your call-to-action!

Linking All Images

For many email readers, an image is like a the bullseye of a target! It draws their eyes and their focus away from the body copy of the email. Link all of your images, making sure that you are using these images to reinforce the copy and call-to-action.

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These 7 nonprofit email marketing essentials can help your nonprofit drive more donations and reach your goals faster! Providing a primary call-to-action, having a well designed email template, and connecting with your audience on a regular basis will help you grow your donor base and your expand your reach. For more information on email marketing for nonprofits, don’t hesitate to keep an eye on our blog! On behalf of our entire staff at File 990, we can’t wait to help you master your email marketing campaigns and make your life easier by offering our online 990-N and 990-EZ e-flier online.