A compelling website is a crucial element in nonprofit marketing. Along with making a case for your cause, it should make others want to help by volunteering or donating. No small task. Now add financial transparency, so that visitors can feel confident in their giving. File 990 can help you keep tax filing simple and easy to understand, for both you and your audience. We work with many thousands of tax-exempt clients to e-file 990-N and 990-EZ tax forms each year. Along with maintaining transparency in your tax returns, we can help by offering these nonprofit website tips to help you make a powerful impression on visitors.

Keep Your Mission Clear

You could have a great-looking website, but that won’t help your cause if your mission isn’t clear. Experts say you must grab a visitor’s interest in the first 10 seconds or they’re likely to move on. That means you need to be clear about what you’re doing. Are you advocating for a women’s shelter? Fundraising for an animal sanctuary? Your message and graphics need to focus on your mission so even first-time visitors “get it” right away.

Content is King

Your content must be compelling, so invest the time and talent into crafting a story that grabs the attention of visitors. Graphics must play their part in telling that story and can include a variety of components such as pictures, maps, videos, logos and more. Testimonials and photos or videos of people you have helped make interesting and attractive inclusions because people relate to other people.

Make Donating Easy

The first rule of fundraising is to make it easy for others to give. That means keeping a “donate now” or “volunteer now” element on every page, and include them in your blogs and other nonprofit marketing as well. Research shows that you lose readers every time you make them click more than once to get where they want to go. That’s why many sites have menu bars on each page, and why you need an action element as well.

Use Social Media Tools

You want others to take up your cause, so make your graphics easy to share. Then writers can embed them in their blogs and share photos with others. Include social media links throughout your site and encourage visitors to share their photos, videos and comments. These steps are crucial to building a community and expanding your reach.

Commit to a Blog

It is easy to say you’re going to start a blog, but you must also commit to keeping it going. A blog is well worth the effort, however, for the interest it generates. A friendly blog offers you an effective means of staying in touch with your community of donors and volunteers and keeping them engaged in your cause. Along with community-building, a blog can help your site rank higher in search engines too.

Keep it User-Friendly

Approach your site from a visitor’s viewpoint, and ask yourself if it’s easy to understand and navigate. Can you learn the site’s mission and how to help without a lot of work? One way to get a better idea of how visitors see your website is to take surveys. There are a variety of survey services, such as SurveyMonkey, that you can use to gather feedback without investing a lot of money or manpower.

Make Tax Returns Easy

Your site is a vital tool in presenting your cause, and these nonprofit website tips and best practices can help you gain support. Behind the scenes, nonprofits have all the needs of other businesses, including financial accountability. Keep this aspect of your nonprofit as straightforward as possible when you e-file 990-EZ and 990-N tax returns with File 990. Contact us for help today.