At File 990, we’ve developed a unique platform that allows nonprofits to file their 990 forms online, and easily manage their taxes. This provides nonprofits with ease of mind from losing their exemption status, which allows them to focus on their cause and have an even greater impact. As we delve into the technological age, many want to know if there is a “TurboTax for nonprofits.” The answer: Yes, yes there is. It’s called File 990. And we walk you through every step of the way to file your 990-N form online. Here is the information you’ll need when completing your 990-N form the first time.

Form 990-N E-Filing

The IRS actually requires nonprofits to complete their 990-N online. Nonprofits cannot submit their 990-N form otherwise. The good news is that the information needed to submit the 990-N form is rather minimal. To successfully file your 990-N form online, as per the IRS, you’ll need the following information your first year with File 990:

  1. The organization’s Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  2. The organization’s tax year, usually as determined by the organization’s bylaws.
  3. The organization’s legal name and mailing address
  4. Any other other names the organization uses
  5. The name and address of a principal officer
  6. The website address if the organization has one
  7. Confirmation that the organization’s annual gross receipts are $50,000 or less
  8. If applicable, a statement that the organization has terminated or is terminating (going out of business)

Filing form 990-N the second year with File 990 is much easier because we save all of your information, so all you need is to login to your account and confirm or update the information and hit submit.

Use File 990

File 990 makes it easy for any organization to submit their 990-N form—complete yours today! Do you possibly have a large organization with may chapters that need to file? Discover our File 990 enterprise platform, which allows for easy management and form 990 completions for all the chapters. Contact us with any questions you have as you complete your 990-N form.