Social media is incredibly important for building an organization’s voice, engaging with active donors, and expanding to potential new donors/volunteers. Here are some tips & tricks from File 990’s experts on how you can improve your nonprofit’s social media presence.

1. Engage, Engage, Engage

The largest problem we’ve seen from nonprofits is the lack of consistency when posting on social media. It’s important to post frequently to ensure that your message is not being forgotten. Beyond, keep in mind, that with every organic post, only a small percentage of your existing followers will even see it, and an even smaller percentage will engage with it. This means that posting frequently is key, so you can get engagement with as many of your followers as possible.

2. Use Scheduling Tools

Largely solving number 1 on this list, scheduling tools allow you to draft and schedule posts on social media in advance, so you don’t have to try to remember everyday to keep up with it. Facebook has this feature built in natively, while other social media platforms don’t. Third-party tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social make this task easy.

3. Have a Voice

Many large organizations have captured their voice, and have captured their voice well. While smaller organizations often struggle to find their voice, which leaves the audience a bit confused on how to respond. Find the voice of your organization, and use it heavily on social media. This is obviously an arduous task, but begin by asking yourself, “Why is my nonprofit important?” and then ask, “What problem am I really trying to solve?” These questions will have you find what matters most, and from there you can narrow down your audience of potential donors, volunteers, and those you’d like to help and determine messaging from there. Another amazing tool to help determine an organization’s brand/voice is The Brand Game—a simple card game designed to help you uncover what describes your organization.

4. Use Emotion-Provoking Creative

In marketing, the term “creative” is meant to describe anything used to help promote the message—this can be videos, images, infographics, gifs, etc. On social media, imagery is incredibly important. Don’t be fearful of testing several difference images prior to launching a big campaign—after all, this can make or break the success of a campaign.

5. Use Influencer Marketing

Don’t be scared to ask a mayor, successful CEO, church leader, etc., to help promote your organization. Influencer marketing videos are easily sharable on social media, and it boosts the message and credibility of your nonprofit. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple ask. You don’t need Jennifer Hudson to have a successful influencer marketing campaign—start local, then expand!

6. Have a Clear Call to Action

Make sure that every platform has a simple call to action in the description. On Facebook, this can easily be done through adding a “donate” or “contact us” button on the page. On Twitter, make sure to have a link to the website. Beyond, make sure that every post ends with a clear call-to-action. Don’t let your audience be confused about what they’re suppose to do.

Use File 990 To File Your Form 990

We hope these tips help any nonprofit succeed while managing and growing their social media presence. File 990 is the leading nonprofit tax e-filing software that allows organizations to securely and easily complete 990-N and 990 EZ forms online. Read our blog for more useful tips on managing and growing a nonprofit, and be sure to file your taxes with us when tax time comes around!