File 990 is a reputable, recognized Form 990-N service by the IRS. Unfortunately, there are many unreputable, scam services and sites on the internet today. File 990 wants to ensure that you are correctly filing your e-file, with a reputable service, and by the correct due date. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming 990-N e-file, consult our team today!

Be Wary Of Unapproved 990 Services

At File 990, we want all nonprofit organizations to be wary of unapproved 990 services. Unfortunately, not all sites or services are reputable, they could be scam sites. Today, there are crooks in every field, even in the nonprofit world. They may be doing this for any number of reasons, including:

  • To retrieve your organizations’ information and details
  • To falsify your return
  • To steal

In order to avoid these scam sites, File 990 recommends that you only e-file with reputable, IRS pre-approved 990-N e-filers. The IRS lists which sites and services are pre-approved here. And, as you can see, File 990 is listed with the other 990-N e-filers. You and your organization can confidently work with File 990 knowing your information and return is safe and secure.

Concerns & Questions

For any 990-N e-filing questions or concerns, never hesitate to contact our team at File 990. We want to help you through the entire 990-N filing process each year. And, you can feel comfortable knowing that your nonprofit is in good hands with File 990. Contact our team today and we will more than happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you and making the 990-N e-filing process a little bit easier!